2meta offers the intelligent creation of meaningful metadata to maximize the value of your content.





Enable your content to perform



Video SEO

Increase Search Engine Visibility

Let Google, Bing and Yahoo index your video content by adding contextual metadata. More clicks, more people, more video ads.


Enhance your Videos’ Accessibility

Video transcripts are word by word copies of all spoken interaction. They are the foundation for Video SEO, interactive text, subtitle and Closed Captions with karaoke style highlighting.

Interactive Text

Boost Usability and Engagement

Increase your videos’ usability by adding interactive word by word transcripts. Let users quickly scan the text and jump to their point of interest.

Keywords and Sentiment

Understand your Content

Identify keywords in your transcript such as names, brands, locations and much more. Be aware on the general sentiment of the content and provide brand safety for your ad customers.

Context Sensitive Ads

Generate additional revenue

Certain content keywords are valuable to your ad customers. Let those keywords trigger ad inserts and ad overlays to generate additional revenue.



Monetize Video Content with Metadata


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0,25 EUR per min
    • Quality Word-Harvest
    • Timestamps Cues
    • Keywords Names, Places, Products
    • Formats WebVTT
    • Processing Time Length of content
    • Editor Free Editor
    • Test 5 min for free


4,00 EUR per min
    • Quality Transcript
    • Timestamps Words and Cues
    • Keywords Names, Places, Products
    • Formats Any format possible
    • Processing 48h
    • Priority 24h (+1EUR)
    • Editor 2meta Editor





Visualize and finalize your metadata with 2meta’s enhanced editor


Transcripts | Subtitles | Video SEO

See our service details:


Word Harvest

Word Harvest: More than 80% of all spoken words in your videos. Makes your video searchable and boosts Video SEO.xx
Archive Search: Search in your video archivexx


Transcript: Your video’s transcript (99% correctness) enables your videos accessibility and increases your websites usability. It boosts Video SEO, websites reach and user. It enhances your video’s searchability (Archive and Recommendation)x
Enhanced Search / Sequence Search: Search for exact points in your video. Enhanced search in your video archivexx
Phonetic Search: Error tolerant search matchingxx


Cue Timestamps: Automatically generated timestamps for cues. xx x
Word Timestamps: Precise timestamps for each word x x
Karaoke: Highlights the spoken words in your subtitles/captions to improves the readability x x
Interactive Text: Interactive text allows your user to read or skim the text and easily jump to interesting scenes. x x


Keywords: Identify companies, places, names and more. Keyword suggestion for indexing, search and recommendation. x x x
Smart Links: Link your transcripts keywords to relevant websites (Wikipedia, advertisers, etc.). Daily link test make sure the links are not broken or dead over time. x x


WebVTT x x x
XML / JSON x x
Any other format possible. x


Free Editor x
Enhanced 2meta Editor:

  • Editor to modify transcripts or word harvests.
  • Create or modify your transcripts.
  • Benefit from automatic generated word timestamps or manually modify timestamps.
  • Use automated, semi-automated or manual cues for different devices.
  • Get automatic keyword or add your keywords.
  • Link your transcripts keywords to relevant websites.




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